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Mod Description

This mod gives your sims the ability to apply for Welfare, Child Support, And SNAP if they qualify. If your sim enrolls in either program, they will receive their benefits every Friday at around 12:00PM


In order for the Government Benefits & Services mod to work properly you will need to install Battery’s C# Script Utility

Additionally, make sure you install each package on the zip file. The Script, EBT Card, and Food Stamp Coupon Object.



  • Fixed a Bug which prevented sims from receiving their Welfare Benefits if they had ever received Child Support in the past. Even if they had opted out of Child Support. Now you should be able to receive Welfare Benefits regardless if you had received Child Support in the past.


  • Fixed a Bug which was causing welfare payments to triple, double, etc. To receive the correct welfare payouts, please install the new version of the mod and once you load into the game opt out of your welfare benefits and reapply to welfare. The payouts should now be correct after performing these steps.


  • New Interactions
  • New Moodlets
  • New Objects

Government Benefits & Services Mod Guide


  • EBT Card – 30
  • Food Stamp Coupon – 14


All of these values are tunable in the mod’s XML file

kEBTCardPaymentForTeensandAbove = 200

kEBTCardPaymentForChildOrBelow = 300

kWelfarePaymentForYoungAdultOrAbove = 200

kWelfarePaymentForTeenOrBelow = 350

kChildSupportPayment = 550

kChildSupportPaymentCharge = 550

Languages That the Mod Currently Supports

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (PT)
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (BR)


Since this is a Script mod there should not be any conflicts


This mod was heavily inspired by two mods that are available for TS4. SeSeSimmi’s SNAP EBT/ASS mod & SNB Government Benefits mod.


Battery’s C# Script Utility, Script Mod Template Creator, Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studios 2019, PhotoShop, Blender, Milkshape, ILSpy, s3pe.

  • Twinsimming For Testing and helping when I had a coding question
  • Battery For providing the community with their C# Script Utility Mod.
  • gamefreak130 For Helping when I had a coding question
  • desiree101 For bringing up SeSeSimmi’s SNAP EBT/ASS mod. Had this not been pointed out, then this mod would have most likely only included Welfare and Child Support.
  • JenniferB For providing French Translation.
  • CMaxi For providing Spanish Translation.
  • David Manaia For providing Portuguese (PT) Translation.
  • eliasojohansen For providing Norwegian Translation.
  • victorpaesplinio For providing Portuguese (BR) Translation.

(Published on: 2023-06-25 12:00:00)

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