The Sims 1 Audio & Musical cues Replacement

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For the lovely people that want to give an amazing retro feel to The Sims 3.

What is this?

This mod replaces the various musical cues within Sims 3 to that of their original Sims 1 counterparts. (Ex. When an object breaks, or you get a job promotion)

Why are there two files?

The file listed as “Everything” includes all the sounds in one package file. The “Individual” file contains each sound as its own package, for those that want to select which sounds to have.

It’s possible to use the Sims 2 version of this mod with these individual sounds, so long as there aren’t conflicting sounds. (Ex. Don’t use TS1_Burglar.package and TS2_Burglar.package at the same time.)

What sounds are replaced?

  • Baby Born
    Bladder Failure (2 RNG cues)
    Broken Object (2 RNG cues)
    Burglar (Warning: Scary sound)
    Death (2 RNG cues)
    Small Pet Death (Pets EP)
    Fire! (2 RNG cues) Requires a Fire Alarm for activation
    First Kiss (3 RNG cues)
    Ghost Spawn (3 RNG cues)
    Job Termination (Warning: Sound is similar to the Burglar cue, so it is scary too.)
    New Job (3 RNG cues)
    Job Promotion (3 RNG cues)
    Love Letter Accept (Seasons EP)
    Love Letter Rejection (Seasons EP)
    My Love! (3 RNG cues)
    Marriage Proposal (3 RNG cues)
    Object Repaired (3 RNG cues)
    Opportunity Completed (3 RNG cues)
    Opportunity Failed (4 RNG cues)
    Opportunity Presented
    Skill Point Gained (3 RNG cues)
    Wedding Cake
    Wish Completed (2 RNG cues)

What are these “RNG cues”?

RNG means Random Number Generator. So unlike the standard EA one sound, these will play a random single tune upon activation. So you won’t be hearing the same Musical cue every time. (Cues listed with RNGs.)

Feel like Sims 2 is more your vibe? Or want to use some of their cues over these?

Check out my Sims 2 variation of this (Published on: 2023-11-10 12:00:00)

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