GTA Vice City Music Radio Stations For The Sims 3 (Custom Radio Stations Mod)

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Hello everyone! This was my first ts3 mod that I even made in 2022, and I want to share it with more people! This is a series of the mods, that add music from the 3D-era of GTA Series (III, Vice City, San Andreas), and here is the GTA Vice City part. Hope you will like it.

What does this mods do?

They add new custom radio stations for all stereos in game that contains all music from respectively radio stations from GTA Vice City, This mods include only songs, no commercials and DJ voice lines.

List of included radio stations (with tracklists):

Also lists of the songs is included in all archives.

Emotion 98.3 (“Emotion” in game)

Fever 105 (“Fever” in game)

Flash FM

Radio Espantoso

V-Rock (“V Rock” in game)

Wave 103: (“Wave” in game)


Known Minor Issues

If you check the names of the songs in game menu, they are slightly different from the tracklist because the game (or the utility idk) doesn`t allow songs with some symbols, also because of that some radio stations (like Emotion 98.3 or V-Rock) have different names in game.

Also, due to the large file sizes, it is not recommended to use all radio stations at once, or to use multiple mods for custom radio stations at the same time, especially on low-end PCs, because it can cause lags.


Just simply put package files in Mods/Packages folder.


This is a pure scripting mod, so it doesn’t conflict with anything. No EPs or SPs required.


gamefreak130 for Broadcaster Utility, Rockstar Games, all creators of the original songs. (Published on: 2023-11-01 12:00:00)

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