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Today I have two new sliders for horses – one for adjusting the entire skull’s width, and another for adjusting the set of the head (properly called “head carriage”).

I have tested both in-game and they’re working perfectly. I have had sliders break before (where moving the slider to the left or right does the same thing), but I was very careful making these so I highly doubt there will be any issues.

The Pets expansion is obviously needed, and your game should be patched to at least 1.29 (These were made with the 1.67 patch, but that shouldn’t matter).

There is a limit to how many custom sliders you can have, I believe that it is 20, but there are several mods that alleviate this problem. I use the awesomemod, but some may not want the other gameplay changes that it makes (Remember that Google is your friend!).

Additional Credits:

Thanks to cmar and PharaohHound for their excellent tutorials, as well as Delphy and the creators of S3PE over at Simlogical for their amazing programs.

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(Published on: 2014-06-05 12:00:00)

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