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This mod requires EA’s It’s Business Time Industrial Oven from The Sims 3 Store to work.

Update 1: Should have fixed the menu reset on reload problem.

What does this mod do:

“The Regular Chef Can’t Make It to Work Today…” I don’t care!!! In the bakery register mod, I said that industrial oven is the first one I work on a custom role because I really love restaurants. I have a testing version released in forum few months ago, but it really wasn’t satisfying as it has multiple flaws. After I work on the bakery register, I came back to complete this but I ended up working from scratch. The industrial oven is more complicated so it may not be perfect, but I hope it will at least be better than what EA provided.

This mod took a lot of inspiration from Arsil’s Professional Massage Table and Ani’s Business As Unusual Bistro Set, and this mod really can’t be made without their mod.


This mod is compatible with Nraas Register. For some aspect, it will be required.


To minimize the size of the mod, both the oven and the menu uses EA’s resources, so it only includes OBJD and OBJK.

The objects can be found in Community – Misc. These two items must be used together and you can’t mix them, otherwize you can’t dine because “no chef is available”. Price is 1250 and 5 each.

How to use:

Once you place the oven, a chef will be selected as role sim and start work as chef. Their default outfit is the base game culinary outfit EA uses on the industrial oven. Select a menu and your sim can start dining. That’s it!

Chef Outfit:

You can customize the chef outfit with Nraas MasterController- stylist. It will use sim’s career outfit when they are called to work. Remember to unlock apply to all outfit on hat otherwise the chef hat will apply to all outfits (I made this mistake multiple times).


Set Working Hours: Set the working hours for the chef. Only applies to role sim. Default: 8-21(Because Sim are usually hungry in 19 and it makes no reason for them to quit at 18)

Set Menu For Lot: Set menu for lot. The menu panel uses the one from Ani’s Business As Unusual Bistro Set because EA’s menu selection is confusing and reset everytime.

Set Food Markup For Lot: EA’s default.

Revert Chef Outfit: Clear sim’s all career outfit and revert back to the default chef outfit. Used when they are being dragged to showtime career and dress up as magician to work.

Fix Chef Outfit: Dress sim back to career outfit and max their motives. Used when the oven working hours was changed and they are being called back to work, but didn’t dress in career outfit.

Fix Quick Meal: EA’s default.

NPC chef system:

One of the major issue with the first version is that chef’s posture will sometime reset if other interactions are queued (Such as take celebrity photos…), and never come back to work. To overcome this problem, I made some methods to test, but I think the EA’s way was the best.

In the system, every 15 minutes when the NPC chef was supposed to be active, the oven will check whether the chef was in chef posture, and there’s sim selected as chef. If not, they will be called back to work.


Order Food: EA’s default. The only changes is that, tourists will not get charged because they are too easy to go bankrupt. Sim who are tourist and in cafeteria will be encouraged to dine. Sims will also drink glass while waiting like Ani’s Business As Unusual Bistro because I can’t bear the dead environment in the restaurant.

Child can dine, but they won’t have any animation because sometimes they will stretch and it looks weird.

Order Random Food: Inspired by sims 2’s chef choice, your sim get a random meal.

Ask to Dine: Ask other to dine. Sim who are chefs, unable to afford any food from the menu, or performing a service can’t be choosed from the list. It also ignores celebrity status so you can ask celebrity to dine.

Be Chef/ Cancel Be Chef:

What it does is very simple, your sim become the chef. In the first version, it requires nrass register because I was unable to stop auto assignment. But then I recall EA has a “Moonlight as Mixologist” which allows you to replace the role sim and start work as mixologist. While it is a little different, I finally made this possible!

However, it didn’t remove the role sim. To completely disable chef assignment, you still need nraas register.

Start work as chef: During my testing, I encountered some game breaking situation due to the posture, so I have to make some changes to make sure that it works…

If the oven is in use, the sim was not in standing posture, or the sim wasn’t on the same lot as the oven, they will first route to the oven and wait until the oven wasn’t in use. If a NPC chef was present, you will get a message “Start Work As Chef”, and your sim will replace the default chef and start working. The NPC chef will be wandering around the lot until sim quit the posture. They will be immediately called back to work when sim quit the posture.

Before using this, be aware of these:

-You can’t cancel it in interaction queue. To exit chef mode, you need to “Cancel Be Chef” from the oven. It will cancel all chef related interaction from the sim.

-Your sim’s motive will drop. There’s no motive check in this mode, so please take care of them.

-If there’s other interaction queued behind, the sim might exit the posture on interaction change (Prep food — take orders…).

-It is completely freelance, so they can work at anytime. Working hours will not apply to this. As long as your sim is doing chef business, sims can dine.


While sim can be chef, it is quite not awarding if they don’t get money, so there was changes to profits.

If your sim is working as chef, they will get the money from the food they served, no matter whether they own the community lot. Otherwise, the lot owner get the money. Your sim won’t have double profit on one dish.

Food Quality:

If your sim is the active chef, the food quality depends on their cooking skill. Otherwise, the food quality randomize from executive chef quality.


There are seven tunings, six of them includes the minimum and maximum distance when taking orders/ serve food(Default: 1.3, 2), route away when quitting posture(Default: 0.7, 2), and waiting next to the oven before entering(Default: 1.3, 2).

Another one is the minutes the alarm will trigger to check whether the NPC chef was working. Default is 15.

This mod will not work with mods that altered the distance of serving of the default oven, like my tuning mod. (It just won’t apply to this oven)

Role Data:

The role data is included in the package. There’s something you might want to change, is that elder chefs will have slow service. I enabled them to prevent multiple homeless elder sims, you can remove it if you don’t want elder chefs.


Sometimes the menu will revert back while sim are dining when on reload. I tried to solve it but it still happens…it should at least prevent a script error. This only happens on reload. Should be fixed.


Arsil for the professional massage table mod

Ani and Nraas for business as unusual bistro

Battery’s script mod template


Visual Studio 2022

Multiple modder’s tutorial.

EA for the the bistro set (Published on: 2023-11-01 12:00:00)

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