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Discover the charm of a renewed lighthouse! With our incredible mod, your in-game experience will take an impressive leap. We worked hard on this texture, crafting it all by hand with love and care, paying attention to every detail and testing it directly in the game to ensure everything was perfect, blending seamlessly with the artistic style.

In the past, when I didn’t know how to create retextures, I had looked for other options, but none of them really won my heart. So, I decided to think outside the box, learn, and create something truly special. We combined various filters, played with colors and textures in Photoshop until we found the perfect combination for Sunset Valley. Now, the lighthouse will be even more amazing!

Rest assured that every time you look at the lighthouse, it will be a completely new and captivating experience. The texture we’ve developed will take your immersion in the game to another level. And it’s just the beginning of what I call Project Eden, which will retexture the entire game. Keep an eye on the related tags on the side whenever I add a new mod, as I’ll always be linking one project to another when they are part of the same idea I hope you enjoy it and come back to share your thoughts!!! Have a great weekend, everyone!

** By the way, you can use it without worry. Performance must not be compromised.

This mod is part of a set of mods that make up the Eden Project. Check out other modules in the link below:

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(Published on: 2023-07-29 12:00:00)

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