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These sims were made using Nrass Master Controller. The muzzle were made by increasing the sliders via Nrass. They should work in your game and show up with the muzzles/details even if you don’t have Nrass installed. However if you wish to change their faces in the Chin, Jaw, Nose or Mouth category you will need Nrass With increased sliders otherwise the sliders will snap back into the default position when you try and edit them.

More info about the muzzle editing and creating process can be found Here

About these Sims!!

-These sims are customized saved sim.

-These sims were saved with a custom content skin and have various custom content makeup and accessories.

These sims do not contain the accessories or makeup. You will need to download the Required Custom Content (Custom and Edited Argonian CC_Popcornstar45) and (Custom Content Required!) for them to look correct in game.

These sims do not require supernatural to function. Without supernatural the sims will be missing some clothes and nails.

Skyrim Argonian Saved Sim: Contains human saved sim that look like Argonians.

Skyrim Argonians Face Presets: (preview pictured above)

These are saved face presets for a female and male argonian. The face presets generate the faces for all the default sliders values, the custom sliders values will have to be done manually. [note: nraas generates townies with these preset values, to avoid this remove presets from your game when you are not actively making argonian sims]. Credits to LazyDuchess and their Face Preset Editor.

Custom and Edited CC included in “download files” (Custom and Edited Argonian CC_Popcornstar45) of this post

CUSTOM CC MADE BY ME: (preview pictured above)

-Argonian Eye Scales_Popcornstar45

(A custom fully recolorable scale makeup found in blush) [Credits to Beast Race Bodypaints by DomainWolf for scale texture]

-Argonian Nose Scale_Popcornstar45

(A custom fully recolorable nose scale makeup found in lipstick)

-Argonian Ruby Throat_Popcornstar45

(A custom fully recolorable throat makeup found in lipstick)

EDITED CC: (preview pictured above)

– Argonian Skintone EDIT All ages

(Was originally only T-E. I added a child, toddler and baby skintone) [Credits to Astraea, Original CC post Here]

-Skyrim Eyes XL_MS93

(A larger resized version of Moonskin93 Skyrim eyes) [Credits to Moonskin93, Original CC post Here and Here]

– AccHvitserkHorns_VenusPrincess_EDIT_Glasses

(I recategorized this CC to be in the glasses accessory category) [Credits to VenusPrincess, Original CC post Here]

-lonelyboy_Half Devil’s Upper Body_EDIT

(I removed the vein texture on the arms and made a new thumbnail) [Credits to Tolknam, Original CC post Here]

– Camkitty Recategorized Claws and Teeth

(I recategorized the “Werewolf Face Set (Teeth)” to accessory Dental and I changed The “Claws for all” to accessory glove. ) [Credits to Callia-Evergreen, Original CC post Here and Here]

Noted glitches:

– The Argonain skin, and face makeup is highly detailed sometimes the game will take a second to load the details in the nose region and the argonian’s nose will appear blurry.

Thank you VenusPrincess for allowing me to recategorize and share your CC.

All credit for the Amazing Argonian skin goes to Astraea!

All credit for the Wolf Teeth and claws goes to Callia-Evergreen!

Thank you for taking a look at my character’s!

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(Published on: 2023-11-08 12:00:00)

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