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About these Sims!!

-These sims are customized saved sim.

-These sims were saved with a custom content skin and were made with custom sliders and have various custom content clothes and accessories.

These sims do not contain the sliders, clothes, accessories or makeup. You will need to download the Required Custom Content for them to look correct in game.


-These sims are functional without Supernatural and the 70’s 80’s &90’s Stuff pack. Without these expansion the sims will be missing the 90’s Decade Overalls, Grown Out Hair and Supernatural claws.

-The AMR Cheshire’s for there everyday outfit are pictured with skeleton ribs and spine accessories. To apply these accessories to these sims I used Nrass Master Controller multiple accessories per location option. You will not need Nrass for these sims unless you plan on recoloring or applying the ribs spine accessories to other outfits.

– For the 2010 chesire whiskers I used Nrass Master Controller multiple accessories per location option. If you wish to recolor or edit the whisker you will need Nrass Master Controller.

Notes About Custom Content Used:

– texture of fur_07 by HelleN (needed for 2010 Cheshire ear texture)

– Cheshire Striped Fur Texture_Popcornstar45.rar is an edited texture I used on the 2010 Cheshire tails.

– Awt Hat sliders (Used on 1951 Cheshire for ear positioning/size) (used only: Hat Move Y, Hat scale XYZ, Hat scale Y)

– For Newsea cat whiskers I used Nrass Multiple accessories to apply them to the 2010 Cheshire’s.

Custom and Edited CC included in “download files” (Cheshire Cat Custom and EDIT CC_Popcornstar45) of this post

CUSTOM CC MADE BY ME: (preview pictures included in download/pictured above)

-AMR Cheshire Eyes_Popcornstar45

(Texture taken directly from Alice Madness Returns Cheshire model)

-AMR Cheshire Face Tattoo as Blush_Popcornstar45

(Hand drawn/Traced from Alice Madness Returns Cheshire model)

-Cheshire 2010 Eyeliner_Popcornstar45

(Optimized for Cheshire sim face, looks different on normal sim faces)

-Cheshire Accessory Body Tattoos _Popcornstar45

(Full recolorable, 5 variants, Alice Madness returns Cheshire dress texture was sourced from Mimoto-sims cheshire dress)

-Cheshire Lipstick _Popcornstar45

(Optimized for Cheshire sim face, looks different on normal sim faces)

EDITED CC: (preview pictures included in download)

-Cheshire 1951 Blush_Pyxisnose_LadyFrontbum_EDIT

(Increased coverage, added Pyxis nose) [Credits to Pyxis and LadyFrontbum, Original CC post Here and Here]

-Cheshire 2010 Blush_TraeliaFelineface_PyxisNose_EDIT

(Removed dots, reduced stripes added Pyxis nose and shading around the nose)[Credits to Pyxis and Traelia, Original CC post Here and Here]

-Cheshire CatEye XL by Channyvivin_EDIT

(Resized contacts)[Credits to Channyvivin , Original CC download Here]

-Human Cat’s whiskers FM by Psycho_EDITGlasses

(Recategorized to accessory glasses)[Credits to Psycho, Original CC download Here and Here]

-Cheshire Striped Fur Texture_Popcornstar45.rar

(Edited texture of fur_07 by HelleN to have stripes, used on 2010 cat tails) [Credits to HelleN Original Download Here]

Thank you to Mimoto-sims for allowing me to use your Cheshire Dress texture!

Thank you for taking a look at my character’s!

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Stuff Packs

(Published on: 2022-08-18 12:00:00)

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