Evergreen Mansion 3BR 3BA w/dugout Fake “basement”

Lots & Housing Residential

Evergreen Mansion is a 3 bedroom 3 bath mansion with an office/library and mud room (greenhouse. The laundry is large with a sink, counters and upper shelfs to put all your washing needs. there is a unfinished makeshift basement (meaning instead of using the basement tool I dug down into the ground) that you can make useable buy putting in a staircase. there is a large kitchen and dining combo with a door that goes into the mud room (greenhouse) that is already stocked with plants and ready to harvest. there is 8 total plant put you could fit more. the living room is large yet standard stereo for music, couch love seat and chairs sat around the coffee table TV placed on the wall and a bookshelf to grab a good book. The master bedroom was definitely decorated by the woman of the house with a large canopy bed mirror place to sit and read or watch TV and nice large wardrobe! maybe it’ll take you to Narnia? or maybe you can get down and dirty with some risky woohoo? it’s up to you. the master closest is accessed by the archway in the master bathroom. it has it all hung up clothes shelfs for the extra stuff you collect over the years a standard sized dresser for everything else and a very nice vanity to sit and do your hair or makeup. the second largest room is perfect for twins with two twin sized beds, a dresser, a reading a few stuffed animals tucked in the corner with a desk and their own computer. the smallest room is a cozy and fun nursery loaded with a toybox, rocking horse, and doll house there is a rocking chair tucked into the corner with a lamp where little ones can be rocked before being put to bed in their natural crib for the night. garage is fully stocked and decorated with two very nice cars. it is on the “expensive” side at $270,000 so definitely for your richer sims!

though this house is furnished for 4 sims and a baby/toddler You could definitely fit the full 8 sims with room to spare!

I did make it to look like a house I saw advertised online but didnt have a floor plan so only the front looks like it

You could put it on a bigger lot if you want a bigger backyard with a pool/party room etc. I would recommend a 40Wx50D though it is on a 40Wx40D lot now. I have stated using to smallest lot possible so it can really go “anywhere”

Just a side note the lighting is alittle “odd” in the garage because of the CFE cheat I tried fixing it with little success

“unfurnished” version available on the Sims 3 website under user: october_mommy_2009

Build Time 18 hours

Game version 1.67

Price Furnished 270,573

Price Unfurnished 117,265

Lot Size 40×40

Expansion Packs

Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise

Stuff Packs

High-End Loft Stuff

(Published on: 2023-09-24 12:00:00)

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