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NuSound Arena, the ultimate in multi-purpose indoor event arena halls, compact enough to fit everywhere. Able to host 20 types of events with only minimal changes, the two floors of seating and various activities for spectators to tend to, this is the ultimate in public entertainment.

I worked on this lot over the course of around 3 weeks, and it helped me get through some tough times, though I realised soon enough that the original plan of 9 lot versions would be difficult to prepare for upload, so I focused to begin with on the 3 that required the fewest EPs (Only Late Night and Showtime), plus the University Life bowling alley version that is the signature version and which the lot was built specifically around.

This would also make it easier to handle a scenario where any changes would be stated to be required. The same logic was behind simply packing all lot versions into the same 2 ZIPs, so I wouldn’t have to handle or update 8 or more zip files.

The U-shaped spectator stands with a caving at the end, was somewhat inspired by Trondheim Spektrum Hall A, while the front terrace was loosely inspired by København’s (Copenhagen’s) city hall balcony where gold winners stand.

———Shared across all/most lot versions———

• Various couches and seating.

• 1 professional bar with 2 seats, along with a table nearby to eat at if the 2 seats are taken.

• 1 buffet table.

• A bubble bar with 2 seats.

• A campfire with 2 seats.

• A 3×3 hot tub with improved jets.

• A 3×3 dancefloor.

• More than a dozen wall speakers, plays Electronica music by default.

• 1 combined dresser-mirror.

• 1 bookshelf with novel, skill, fishing, and toddler books.

• 1 tabletop arcade game with 2 seats.

• 1 telescope to watch the action close-up.

• 1 picnic table.

• 1 domino table with 3 seats.

• 1 chess table with 2 seats.

• 1 juice bar (Replaced with a cake barista desk in the UL Bowling lot version).

• 1 fountain.

• A trophy locker.

• A photo booth.

• 2 shower-bathtubs with various upgrades.

• 2-4 toilets and 1 sink with various upgrades.

• A TV, mostly for decorative purpose.

• 5 bicycle racks.

• A parking basement with 3 parking spots.

• A subway station.

• 2 trash cans.

• In-universe sponsor banners.

• Tired before a big match? Borrow the basement bedroom for free. Certified noise-free.

• A baby/toddler care-room so they won’t begin crying during a big match.

• 7 spawners to assist players who aren’t playing in Bridgeport or Starlight Shores: Carbon Steel, Smithsonite, Tungsten Carbide, Vampire’s Eye, Will-O’-The-Wisp, Spider, and Termite.

• 2 banana trees of Outstanding quality.

All lot versions have a 20×25 size. The image filenames indicate which floor plans are from which lot versions.

———Sports lot version———

The stage has 4 skeeball machines, 2 dartboards, a shuffleboard, a rodeo, a billiards table, a chess table, and a foosball table, all at the same time, as well as an official event clock. Marked as Hangout by default.

———Concerts lot version———

A dual-purpose Showtime stage and Late Night band concert stage, as well as a DJ booth. Marked as Dive Bar by default.

The guitar on the stage is a Buydebug / career reward guitar, but I have every reason to believe that it’ll work in concert gigs.

———Template lot version———

An easy way to fill the stage with whatever you want. Broomstick arena, basketball, climbing walls, ballet performances, laser rhythm-a-con, violins, horseshoe courts, E-sports, trampolines, Gnubb, you name it. Marked as Hangout by default.

———University Life bowling version———

Requires University Life in addition to Late Night and Showtime. The home of competitive 4-lane championship bowling (with Cosmic Bowling), as well as a table tennis table for good measure.

Also has:

• Various extra signs on front.

• A vending machine.

• A juice keg.

• A whiteboard.

• 1 washing machine and 1 dryer.

• The juice bar has been replaced with a cake barista stand.

• The campfire has been replaced with a radio broadcast setup.

• The front terrace has an added speaker podium.

Marked as Arcade by default.

——Lot values——

———Template version———

Furnished: §125,919

Unfurnished: §63,927

———Concerts version———

Furnished: §142,744

Unfurnished: §63,927

———Sports version———

Furnished: §179,616

Unfurnished: §66,454

———University Life bowling version———

Furnished: §158,579

Unfurnished: §66,277


• NuSound is the name of a portable stereo company in-game.

• Adapting the lot to ice skating would require relatively heavy modifications, while adapting to 2-goal soccer or snowboard halfpipes are simply not possible. The stage is also a bit small to accomodate American football.

• All screenshots were taken during in-game Autumn, which is why the banana trees look very red.

• I used a pretty interesting strategy to take PNG colour-correct screenshots in massive resolutions, involving tricking Windows and The Sims 3 into thinking monitors natively support resolutions approx. 100px less than their native resolutions, so they could be selected for Windowed mode. Too small images won’t be a problem with this, that’s for sure.

• MoveObjects On was used relatively frequently during the lot building (The flagpoles and the subway station in particular), for those who wish to know about such details.

• A game-wide glitch causes spawners on lots placed from the lot bin, to remain and duplicate when the lot is rotated around. This can potentially lead to a whole lot of spawners on the lots that may or may need to be removed manually.

• A minor glitch with wall speakers, result in them not playing music on initial lot placement, despite being set to on. Simply turning the speakers off and on again fixes it.


• 9th of November 2023: Realised I had to sell the concept a bit better, and as such added 9 vanity images showing different seating categories looking at the field.

Expansion Packs

Late Night

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