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Update notice:

– Please update any older versions with the newest version (1.3 and above). Newest version is backward compatible and will fix any issues found on earlier versions.

– Windows Security / Windows Defender might detect the current version as “potentially harmful software”. I have confirmed that this is a problem on Windows Defender Machine Learning algorithm, due to how the program works on detecting multiple loading screens. I’m still in the process of testing with Microsoft, but in the meantime, you can ignore the message, or download the 1.1 version instead.

I initially put my email on a comment if anyone wants this functionality, and I’m quite surprised when I actually got several emails over the years. After years of procrastinating, I (finally) uploaded the program here. This is a simple program that I slapped together in my spare time, and it was only tested on my game, which was on ITF EP and patch 1.69, but it should work on any version. You also need to download some loading screens .package files. One such example is the latest Simm@’s Variable Loading Screen mod.

Usage Steps :

– Extract this attachment to your Mods folder, but NOT inside the Package folder. You should now have 3 folders (Packages, Overrides, and a new Loading folder) with 2 files (RandomLoadingScreen.exe and options.txt). Do not delete any of them.

– Put any loading screens you want the program to randomize inside the Loading folder. The files should be in (.package) extension. Check the Thank you section below for the files examples.

– Open the options.txt file and copy your game directory inside.

– (Optional) Make a shortcut to the .exe file and you can put it on your Desktop

Now, every time you want to play the game, open the program file RandomLoadingScreen.exe or the shortcut you made. This program will pick a loading screen package at random and put it into the Packages folder each time you open it. Have fun!

WARNING : While this program is supposedly pretty much harmless (as explained below), in some very rare edge cases, it might do something unexpected in your Packages folder. While I will help any problem arise, I simply cannot take responsibility for any loss or damages caused directly or indirectly by this program. Do a quick backup on your Packages folder in the first run, and if the first run is safe, the subsequent runs will also be safe.

How this program works :

– The program will pick one of the loading screens inside the Loading folder

– The program will also check if a loading screen .package file inside your Packages folder. If the program found one, it will delete it

– The program will copy and paste the selected random loading screen to the Package folder, adding “_Randomizer_” prefix to the file name

– The program will start the game

Thank you :

Thanks to Sammy Gabriel (Mastersan244) for the help on testing this program and spot (m)any peculiarities when testing

Thanks to Simm@ for the loading screens! : https://modthesims.info/d/465870/va…the-future.html

OhRudi and LimeyYoshi have provided loading screens with flavor text (the running text at the bottom) included as well. You can download them here:



And leave a comment if there’s any problem, or if you need help with the program.

Changelogs :


– No changes related to TS3. This version change is exclusively for TS4 mod handling.


– Added exception for Gamefreak130’s Loading Screen Overhaul mod


– Add handling for multiple loading screen .packages detected on Package folder (beta, please comment if you find any irregularities in this feature)

– Remove debug text


– No need to download or install any other program to make this work.

– Easier usage steps and much clearer error messages

– Added support to all loading screen packages (Published on: 2023-07-16 12:00:00)

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