Supernatural Creator That Uses Premade Sims and Does Not Include Pets and Other Supernaturals

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Have you ever wanted to turn some of the sims in you town into supernaturals, but when you use the cheats in game your game gets corrupted because pets are turned into supernaturals?? Well this mod solves this problem. This interaction that is always available adds a collection of supernaturals, that can be changed using NRAS tuner or going into the xml. I have uploaded 2 versions one that only has the supernatural expansion and another with genie, mermaid, and plantsim in addition. If there is interest in the other 3 as separate selections I will try and create them in my spare time.

AirraSupernaturalSpawner requires – Supernatural, Showtime, Island Paradise, and University

AirraSupernaturalSpawnerSupernaturalOnly requires – Supernatural

Minor conflicts with pause notifications where the game may interrupt the mod when a pause notification, like traveling or naming a child interferes. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid as the mod normally takes less than a minute to run. Will upload fix once I find a solution.

Heavy credits to Eca for dealing with my numerous bugs and typos.

Separate has a completely different version for each supernatural so you can add at your leisure. It has not been tested without required expansion packs for PlantSims, Mermaids, and Genies.

Expansion Packs


(Published on: 2023-07-31 12:00:00)

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