The Millions

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Description of the house:

This modern bungalow house is fit for four people.

Details of each part of the house:

  • Front yard: As you enter enter the front yard you will find yourself in an area with the porch of the house building on your front and a covered garage on your right.
  • House building: By climbing up the porch and entering the door, you will find yourself in a room that has a section for the living room area and by walking northeast, the kitchen/dining room area. From the latter area, walking forward to the glass door leads to the backyard, while the door on the left wall of that area takes you to the bathroom.
    Meanwhile, from the living room area, each door on your north leads to a bedroom. The door south of the left door leads to the master bedroom. Upon entering that room, going to the door on your right leads to a bathroom.
  • Backyard area: From the kitchen/dining room door, there is a grill on your right and by climbing down the porch, you will enter the outdoor dining area.

Lot Size:

30 x 20

Lot Price:

Furnished: $63,084

Unfurnished: $37,522

Expansion Packs


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